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Space Monkeys Take Flight through the Painted Ladies in SF

Source: SF Gate

If you’ve always dreamed of strolling through one of Alamo Square’s famed Painted Ladies, new drone footage will give you a tour without having to leave your couch.

Drone pilot Reza Kurniawan recently got the unique opportunity to fly his drone through one of the homes, flying in through the front door, ascending up the stairs and eventually making it to the top floor bedroom before flying out the highest window.

The owner of the home, George Horsfall, had reached out to Kurniawan about a year ago because he was a big admirer of his video work. Kurniawan said he lost the message initially, but finally was able to locate it and was excited to be able to do this unique project.

“[Horsfall] was really interested in showcasing the Painted Ladies in a whole new way that’s never been seen before,“ Kurniawan said.

He owns a drone company called Space Monkey that specializes in real estate footage, so speeding through the rooms of opulent houses wasn’t a new experience. He said the drone is so small and light that even if there was a crash, it wouldn’t have done much damage. “I wouldn't say it's an easy flight, but it wouldn't damage the property.”

As an S.F. native, Kurniawan was excited to get to highlight a piece of San Francisco history. He’s also previously filmed impressive views of the Transamerica Pyramid and Japantown.

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