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Light Tracing with FPV Drones: A New Form of Light Painting

Light painting is a creative technique used in photography and videography in which a light source is used to draw or trace patterns in the air, creating visually striking and dynamic images. In recent years, a new form of light painting has emerged using FPV (First Person View) drones equipped with lights. This technique called "light tracing," has been developed and named by Space Monkey Films. It allows photographers and videographers to capture video footage of subjects that looks like a moving photograph.

To create a light tracing video, the operator flies the FPV drone with a light attached to it in a specific pattern or path, creating a trail of light in the air. A stationary ground camera captures the light as it moves through the air, creating the illusion of a moving photograph. The final result is a unique and eye-catching video that captures the subject in a way that traditional photography or videography cannot. Space Monkey Films uses a special editing technique developed in house to create these amazing video clips.

Light tracing with FPV drones offers many possibilities for creative expression and can be used in a variety of settings, from outdoor landscapes to indoor spaces. It can also be used to highlight specific objects or subjects, creating a sense of movement and dynamism.

Overall, light tracing with FPV drones is a innovative and exciting way to capture video footage and create visually striking images. It offers endless possibilities for creative expression and adds a new dimension to the art of light painting.

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