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FPV Drones Take over Arena for Pepe Aguilar!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Space Monkey Films joined Aerography and the Pepe Aguilar family in San Jose and Los Angeles for their North American Tour. The Aguilar family brought our team in to bring new angles to their live broadcast, as well as create new and exciting promotional content using our indoor first-person view drones.

We utilized a new technology for live streaming our drone POV to give the AV team new camera angles to play with and incorporate into the the live feed to the arena jumbotrons. The team was thrilled with their new "toys" and told us that "this was the element the show was missing!" Our team flew during the entire show, picking and choosing moments to capture throughout the performances. In the end, we had captured over 60 minutes of raw footage and pumped our live feed to the jumbotron for 15,000 fans to see.

The Aguilar Family has since created a series of Instagram Reels using the footage we captured with our FPV drones, which attracted over 500k views becoming some of their top performing videos. Our team was able to deliver never before seen angles of their performers captured in beautiful 5K resolution through the use of our modified GoPro Hero 11 cameras.

Aerography owner Matthew Lavin has over a decade of experience working in the regulatory environments surrounding UAS operations. His expertise allowed our team to navigate the challenging waters that we faced when trying to be the first drone team to fly indoors in front of a live audience at both the SAP Center and Arena.

What's next on the horizon for our live stream team? We've got a few exciting events coming soon that we can't wait to share with you!

Interested in hiring us for FPV drone live stream for your next music or performance event? Click the link below and we will be in touch.

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