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Co-founder, Reza Kurniawan, possess a wide range of skills that have synergized to culminate in what we like to call Space Monkey Films. His expertise spans from chemistry and biotechnology, to top manufacturing drone technician and flight testing at Skydio in California, the leading company in the world for fully autonomous anti-collision drones. He has combined his expertise in multiple fields to accomplish goals in the rising realm of FPV drone cinematography.


In addition to taking podium and winning at freestyle competitions, he is also the co-founder of the Bay Area Quad Squad, the local organization for FPV drone freestyle, and also wields a passion for teaching, training pilots both novice and veteran alike.

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What is FPV?

FPV is "first person view" and it's used to describe the type of piloting we employ at Space Monkey. We use FPV goggles to fly from the "cockpit" of our drones, allowing us to navigate through impossible gaps. 

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How fast do your drones go??

One of the most common questions we come across and it's a great one to ask. We have a wide variety of drones that fly anywhere from walking speed all the way up to 100mph +! 

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How high do your drones go??

Another common question that we get asked. Legally we are required to keep our drones under 400ft unless special authorization is acquired. This is possible if your shoot requires it and is something our team has experience getting. 

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What cameras do you fly with? 

Our most popular option is the GoPro action camera for it's versatility and light weight nature. We also have a Z Cam 6K full frame setup that we run on our cinelifter for clients who require high resolution raw footage. 

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How long did it take you guys to learn how to fly? 

Between the 2 of us, we have over 10 years of experience piloting and are still honing our skills. We never stop seeking perfection. That said, it took us about a year to 

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Where did your company name originate from? 

We wanted a name that encapsulated the exploratory nature of our flying style. Since monkeys were the first test animals sent into space, we thought this would be a fun way to represent the cutting edge filming style our company has established. 


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Space Monkey films did an amazing job at the Historic Cohen Bray house in Oakland. They are very careful and professional in working in this unique 1883 house. It has allowed thousands of people to see this amazing house and grounds without any impact on the house. It has given us a new perspective and we are very pleased. I recommend them highly!

Patricia Donald

Cohen Bray House Project

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These guys are the absolute best. Top notch and super easy to work with. I’ve hired them for 3 projects so far and can’t wait to see what we come up with together in the future!

James Freeborn

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Professional and reliable - cannot speak more highly of our experience with Space Monkey Films!

SSF Historical Society



Co-founder of Space Monkey Films, Colby Curtola, has a deep rooted history in drone racing and commercial drone tech in the Bay Area. He founded the first drone racing league in the area and pioneered the sport over the years to grow drone racing to an global phenomenon. In 2019, he developed the World's largest professional racing drone for DR1 and built a fleet of 15 large scale racing drones for an internationally televised race series. Colby, known as SFPV in the drone community, has also appeared on the professional racing leagues DR1, DRL and DCL as a pilot. 

He brings to the table years of experience working in the industrial drone space for groundbreaking companies like Matternet, who are re-shaping the landscape of hospital to lab transportation. More recently, he has transitioned into professional filming where his true passion lies. 

In 2020, he decided to join forces with another local powerhouse in the FPV scene, InspireFPV, to create the leading FPV drone operation  in the Bay Area. Together, their goal is to become the gold standard for drone cinematography in the Bay and beyond. Always pushing the limits of what's possible is what keeps him excited to be a part of this emerging technology. 

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